Our Top 5 iOS 13 Features

At their latest Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) earlier this month, Apple announced details of their latest firmware update for iPhones and iPads – iOS 13.

With the update scheduled for public beta in July, we’ve rounded up our favourite features announced by Apple so far.

1. Dark Mode

A system-wide dark mode will be introduced for the first time with iOS 13. This allows the user to view a black and dark grey version of many of their favourite apps who have supporting the feature. Many Twitter users already use a similar feature on their Twitter app for night-time viewing.

It may also save battery on the OLED screens (iPhone X and above) which would be a nice added bonus.

2. Overhauled Photos app

iOS 13 will make it easier than ever to view, browse and edit your photos. With a completely overhauled Photos app, users will be able to narrow down photos based on Days, Months and Years tabs, more video editing options including being able to add filters, apply effects and rotate videos – a long overdue feature.

Portrait mode will also be updated with a new lighting feature which has been designed to emulate a professional studio.

The updated Photos app will also now be able to remove duplicates which we think will be a handy tool when trying to save storage space.

3. Update to Maps

Although it’s felt like Apple have been trying to play catch-up to Google Maps since it launched in 2012, that gap is definitely closing and this latest version of Maps from Apple looks to be the best yet.

With Apple claiming to have covered 4 million miles while gathering data to rework the Maps app “from the ground up”, they have clearly been focusing increasing their userbase numbers of Maps.

Perhaps the key highlight from the Look Around feature which is a rival to Google’s Street View. On first viewing, it looks like it may be significantly smoother and more seamless to Google’s version however we are keen to test this when it’s released.

4. Sign in with Apple

Similarly to signing in to third-party apps with your Facebook or Twitter login details, Apple are introducing a sign-in feature where you can use your Apple account to sign in on all third-party apps which feature a sign-in option.

This feature does however come with some controversy with Apple making it compulsory for all third-party apps to offer this sign-in method (providing they have a sign-in feature within their app).

iPadOS including multitasking improvements and Apple Pencil latency reduced

We’ve grouped our two favourite iPad features together for this one.

Apple have claimed for a while that they view the iPad as a laptop replacement and although the iPad Pro is the closest yet from Apple to replacing a laptop, it’s not quite there yet.

And with Apple introducing an iPadOS for the first time, will certainly close that gap further and it’s new features such as their revamped multiwindow support will certainly help boost productivity. Users are now able to ‘Split View’ the same app simultaneously.

For example, a user can write an email while viewing other emails in the mailbox side-by-side. In addition, the latency of the Apple Pencil has reduced significantly from 20ms to 9ms. Initial hands on reviews of the post-updated Apple Pencil are extremely positive with how close it feels to writing with an ordinary pen and notepad.

iOS 13 is scheduled to release for public beta in July 2019 with a bigger rollout planned soon after.

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