New Emojis Coming to iOS this Year

We know, you’re struggling to contain your excitement! On World Emoji Day last week, Apple announced that a host of new emojis will be finding their way to iPhones and iPads throughout the world later this year.

As an avid emoji user which we know you have all become, here at The Phone Collector, we’re running through our favourite (from the 59 announced) new emojis set to land in 2019.

1. Disability & Inclusion Emojis

It will be surprising to some that these haven’t been added already but Apple are finally due to include those with various conditions ranging from a hearing aid, to a prosthetic leg.

This is a very welcome addition by Apple, including same-sex couples and for them to add as much inclusion and accessibility to their emoji package can only be a good thing.

2. Animals

Everyone loves a sloth right?

Well now those slow, furry little creatures can now be used as an emoji along with a flamingo and skunk. Exciting stuff!

3. Emotions

There will be a range of new emotions which includes a new yawning face emoji – something we think will be used quite often!

4. Miscellaneous

Apple also revealed a host of other emojis including food such as garlic and waffles as well as planets, a yoyo, clothing and shoes.

Unicode, a not-for-profit organisation which decides which emojis will be created had stated previously “‘The new emoji typically start showing up on mobile phones in September/October — some platforms may release them earlier."

In total Apple revealed approximately half of the new emojis with the remaining 50% set to be announced in the coming months.