6 Key Takeaways from Apple’s Latest ‘Special Event’

So it’s that time of year again when we hear all about the latest innovations Apple have decided to put in their latest iPhone range. With anticipation high in the build up to the 'Apple Special Event' in California this week, we’ve rounded up our main highlights from Tim Cook and co.

1. Camera, Camera, Camera

Firstly, it’s worth mentioning that Apple announced three new types of iPhone – the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max – and early signs suggest that the best value for money being the iPhone 11 although clearly the Pro has some fantastic upgrades.

Apple’s announcement had one overwhelming theme when announcing each of the new iPhones and that’s camera enhancements. The immediate feature you’d notice on the iPhone 11 Pro is the additional camera which is a very welcome addition (and provoked some hilarious memes in the process).

The ultra wide camera allows shots to be taken with a 120-degree field of view which admittedly did look impressive in Apple’s showcase.

They have also introduced other cool features including a slow motion front facing camera nicknamed a “slofie” (yeah, we’re not sure about that name either) and a night mode amongst many more features which looks like Apple are finally catching up with their Android peers in the camera regard.

2. Improved Battery Life

Okay, we might be clutching at straws a little with this one as Apple have been notoriously mediocre with battery life since forever.

This time however, they claim that the iPhone 11 Pro Max lasting up to 5 hours longer than the XS Max. That should see even the most active of iPhone users getting at least a days worth of heavy use out of their activity.

Couple this with Apple including fast charge (but not USB C yet unfortunately) and we can almost begin erasing battery concerns with these new devices.

3. Apple TV+: A Serious Netflix Competitor?

Moving away from the iPhone announcements, Apple released some further details about their video subscription service Apple TV+. Launching on November 1st this year, the lineup of TV shows and movies so far has certainly looked promising. In addition to shows such as 'The Morning Show', starring Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell, Apple also debuted a trailer for ‘See’, a new sci-fi drama starring Jason Momoa.

Although prices will be set at a reasonable £4.99 per month, Apple are really trying to push this into people’s living rooms and devices early by including a year’s subscription with purchases of certain Apple products such as an iPhone or iPad – not a bad little freebie (albeit temporary).

4. Apple Shift Focus to Gaming

Subscription gaming is something which very much looks like the future, especially with Netflix and Spotify changing how we consume video and music respectively, and it looks like Apple are trying to get in there early with the announcement of Apple Arcade.

Xbox have shown how successful a subscription service can be with Gamepass available on Xbox One’s and PC in recent years and Apple appear to be trying to take an early market lead on the portable side.

Although it’s early doors yet for Apple Arcade, the games shown didn’t particularly get us jumping out of our seat, with a revamped Frogger featured as an example. The publishers on board however does look exciting such as Sega, Konami, Capcom and Lego – and with the promise of new titles added to the service regularly and a reasonable price of £4.99 a month – this is something we’re particularly looking forward to.

There was also the announcement of their new, exclusive ‘Dark Souls-like RPG titled ‘Pascal’s Wager’ which certainly got our attention.

5. The New iPad & Apple Watch Series 5

Lastly on our roundup is the new iPad and Apple Watch.

Apple’s more ‘budget’ iPad now features a 10.2-inch screen instead of 9.7-inch which we’re really liking the look of and Apple’s A10. It is also compatible with Apple’s smart keyboard and first-gen Apple Pencil for increased productivity.

The Apple Watch Series 5 was also announced this week with the main new feature being an always on display which we love (and the fact it has the same battery life as previous generation watches is a big plus in our books).